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Book market in 2009

The latest figures from the Publishers Association show that UK publishers sold 763m books in 2009, with an invoiced value of slightly over £3bn. In value terms this is similar to the previous year but unit sales were down 9 per cent. Sales of digital products reached £150m across all sectors, which is 5 per cent of total sales – the majority of this income (£130m) came from the professional and academic sector. Consumer ebook sales remained low.

The value of the UK book market – what purchasers pay for the end product – was £3.4bn. This is a fall of 3 per cent from 2008. The diagram above shows where consumers buy books – as highlighted in Inside Book Publishing, the shares of the internet and the supermarkets continue to grow.

The number of new and revised titles published rose to 133,224, an increase of 3 per cent from 2008 (2008: 129,057; 2007: 119,465). To see the full summary about book production in 2009, visit here