Monthly Archives: December 2009

An effective habit

Significant news about ebooks comes from the US. The bestselling author Stephen Covey is signing digital deals with Amazon for two of his books, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Principle-Centered Leadership. In return Stephen Covey will receive a royalty of 50 per cent, much higher than the usual royalties on ebooks (around 25 per cent for leading authors) and significantly higher than royalties on print editions. Amazon will have exclusive rights to sell the ebooks, and the deal is being done through the electronic publisher zoloft related keys: australia sertraline RosettaBooks. Could this encourage other bestselling authors to reserve the ebook rights in their books and do similar deals, even license directly to Amazon?

You can read more here in this New York Times article.

Further to the post ebookishness, news also comes that the Kindle will be available as an app for the iPhone. You can read about it here in this Telegraph article. ‘Kindle is finally available for the iPhone. If you don’t want to spend £150 or so on a Kindle reader, you can have it on your phone instead.’